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We provide secure and intimate environment for your practices.

We do not allow non-members drop-ins.


If you are interested in improving some aspects of your health condition, social and emotional relationships or empowering your life, we offer personalized support.


If you are interested in spiritual development and self-realization, we offer efficient ancient and state of art techniques, amazing experiences and life-changing insights.


If you are looking for tranquil meditative environment to relax and/or practice your daily routines - join

Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center !

Nizza Life Mission


Nizza Life™ promotes conscious and active way of life for modern people by offering systems and coaching derived from ancient and contemporary spiritual techniques in order to improve body, mind and soul of an individual, ultimately cultivating peaceful, healthy and prosperous society.

Nizza Life Values

We know that:


Every individual is a different system, a whole unique universe. Therefore we cultivate personal, individual approach.


We tell the truth even when it hurts. No matter how inconvenient it may be, accepting and dealing with the truth is most effective way to achieve desired results. We are honest with each other.


Fighting obstacles will only result in stronger obstacles. Accept the situation, investigate emotional, psychological and social (relationships) depths and transform causes (we call them one’s individual laws/rules). We don’t focus on obstacles, we accept them and we focus on our goal.


Respect fully everyone connected to, the Nature, the planet Earth and the Universe.


Take responsibility of your life, your actions, your decisions. Be responsible towards yourself, others and the planet.


Physical activity, workout and dedication to daily routines support, catalyze and accelerate dealing with, i.e. processing emotional issues.


Devotion is crucial. Devoted pursuing of clear and right goals will not only accomplish those, but will also bring fulfillment and joy itself. We love our goals therefore we love what we do.


…and we enjoy doing it. True goals will bring fun, pleasure, happiness, joy.


Consciousness is the only real freedom. Conscious existence is the ultimate solution.


Life is Love. And therefore, as long as you live… Love is always on your side. Live your life, cultivate Love.



Your Nizza Life™ membership is your contribution to more conscious and peaceful, healthier and happier society. Thank you.

Kumu Obi

"One who brings Joy"


Kumu Obi has over 30 years experience in spiritual and magical work, and for more than two decades has been working as a counselor and therapist in Central Europe.


In our Holistic Wellness Center he teaches a unique yoga, based on Yoga In Daily Life® system, leads extraordinary workshops and courses of spiritual teachings and techniques, and is available for exclusive coaching, individual treatments, therapies, massage and counseling.



Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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