Nizza FiT™





Nizza HIT Workout™

45 min Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Regular fitness

group workouts

for ladies

of course,

boys and men are welcome to join (if they can keep up)

We use safe and efficient bodyweight exercises, derived from yoga and martial arts. To maximize the impact of exercises, we execute High Intensity Interval Training.

Short, intense, regular (up to 3 workouts in a week) - and fun - Nizza HIT Workout will boost your fitness level.

Weight loss

We offer you a personalized coaching, guidance and supervision.

If you are dealing with overweight issues, if you tend to lose your motivation and have hard times changing your habbits, if you are lacking quality support - we suggest Systemic Coaching prior to starting a workout routine and exercising.

Pre-season boost with

Nizza Quick Fix™


1 month routine

trimming down fat-burning and muscle toning

shapes your body

gives you the look and prepares you for extra actvity (such as skiing)

Want more personal







We'll give you your own PT

With your Personal Trainer you can work out 1-on-1 with a group or on your private sessions.

Your PT can also design your personal routine for your home workouts (and tutor you in exercises you will do at home).

Fitness is FUN!

get in shape - stay in shape

bodyweight group traning

45 min, 3 x in a week



(available pre-seasons)

HIT and HIIT group traning to

maximize results

in a minimum time



Power-up your family!

HIIT fitness workout combined with martial art skills for self-defense and self-confidence boost

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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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