Reiki & Energetic Treatments

Energetic Therapy


Reiki healing or restorative treatment

Energy healing therapy is available only after consultations and/or as a part of the Systemic Coaching, as advised by Kumu.


If you know, think or feel you could use or need a therapy, please contact us.

"I had severe bladder issues. I would very easily get bladder inflammations.

I was taking all kinds of medicines, herbal teas and everything would help only for the moment and in the end the inflammation would just come back.

I was listening to things like 'it runs in the family', women in our family have bladder problems.

At that point it was something I had to find a way to live with and it was complicating my life very much.

When I started with Systemic Coaching I was able to resolve family pattern and so called 'it's genes' element and with only one energetic therapy bladder inflammation was gone and I didn’t have one since. It’s been ten years now that I live normally."

J.C. (31)



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