Active Meditation

Very best of OSHO Active Meditations


Amazing experience


Powerful shamanic bodywork

Powerful work with your body, emotions and unconscious mind.

KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ is simple, fast and effective way of realizing the truth about self, one's own powers and responsibilities, adapted to our contemporary way of life and therefore an exceptional tool that promotes personal development.


KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ contributes to the (total) health. To repeat: Health is purity, cleanness, free flow of energy; it is the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Health is holistic and complete: emotional, intellectual, physical, financial, in business ventures and in relationships...


If you have chronical issues,

if you are working with other people as a therapist, instructor, counsellor or similar,

if you strive for spiritual development

we advise KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ on regular basis.


You may join KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ whenever you want to get rid of stress and purify your body, mind and soul.


"I love KOAM. Every time I do it I get more in touch with myself. It is like x-ray giving me insight on the state I'm in with bonus opportunity to change everything that I feel need to change by working with my body and breath."

S.C. (27)



includes and utilizes:




energetic breathing (introduction to Rebirthing by Leonard Orr)


Active Meditation by Osho (OSHO Dynamic Meditation / OSHO Kundalini Meditation / OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation / OSHO Mandala Meditation / OSHO Nataraj Meditation / OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation)


shamanic cleansing and

energetic healing therapy provided by Kumu Obi


conclusive integration


Program may vary, depending on the group dynamic and constellation.

Duration: 3 h (may vary)


"For me KOAM is always an opportunity for very good emotional cleansing. Love it!"

K.A.B. (42)

Why Active Meditation? What to expect?


Goals of the KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ process are:

- Dissolving of accumulated emotional blockages

- Cleaning of restrictive entities and thought forms

- Removal of other energy (e.g. physical and emotional) resistances and restrictions

- Establishment of a free energy flow

- Opening to Life (love and joy, success and pleasure)

- Activation, introduction and acceptance of one's personal power

- Increase of awareness

- Acceptance of responsibility


Additionally, you will explore whole new universe within you and discover multiple layers and dimensions of your own existence.

KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ is always a fascinating spiritual experience.



It is absolutely required that you have accepted the conditions of Nizza Life Membership prior to attending KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™.

You can download the form (PDF) here:


(also available at our desk in Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center, Geijersgatan 55)


Additional 200 SEK membership annual fee will be charged for your 1st participation if you are not a Nizza Life member.


Participants of regular Nizza Yoga classes are entitled to 50% discount.


General instructions:

- wear comfortable clothes

- practice barefoot (wear socks)

- have a blanket and/or warm overall to cover your body when it gets cold

- do not eat at least 2 h prior to workshop

- take off your jewelry, watch and accessories

- turn off you phone and leave it in the locker (provided)

- drink water

- be open-minded and you will benefit the most

- respect other participants

- do not chat with others, be with yourself

- if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs (even medical) DO NOT attend




Kumu Obi's Active Meditation

FRI 19:00-22:00


The number of participants is limited - please use online system, facebook, e-mail or phonecall/SMS to reserve your place in the group.

This workshop will be held once every month or even more frequently.

Please follow our facebook page (events) for schedule

"Meditation needs no technique. Meditation happens beyond mind. No technique can go beyond mind.

Meditation is enough. Everything else follows on its own."


You may want to keep in mind: without continuous energy (physical) work, a person will not have the strength for intellectual or spiritual processes, development and progress, materialization and the achievement of personal goals.

A healthy body is a home to a healthy spirit and a healthy mind.

Any form of physical exercise (especially yoga, t'aichi, dance, sports ...) clean and charge energetic bodies (starting with this material, to subtle ones) with life energy (ki/chi/prana/mana...), so regular exercise is very important for overall health. Therefore: be Active!


"Amazing experience! Fascinationg!"

A.C. (21)

"It was a great experience! I feel like everything in me is well shaken. I was able to release suppressed emotions and accumulated stress. Now I feel very light and full of energy, completely refreshed!"

J.M. (36)

"Few of my first sessions I cried a lot. Then I realized I was hurt many times in my life. So I kept crying and felt a relief growing in me after each session. Suddenly crying stopped and I felt clean and very light. Now I dance, I feel joy. Now I am enjoying my life like… actually I can’t remember when. "

V.P. (47)

"As a therapyst - I practice osteopathy - I do help other people and know something about this stuff (...), but I do get muddy, I don't even notice how and when, but I do, like I catch something from my clients. So I need somebody or something to take care of me, to purify me. On regular basis. This KOAM is great, helps a lot. It keeps me feeling clean and giving my best."

J.V. (39)



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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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