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Open your heart.

Expand your mind.

Set your spirit free.


Enhance your life.

Active Evenings

Energize yourself!

Breathe, move, set your energy in motion.


Friday evening is dance evening. Dance to live.

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Powerful work with your body, emotions and unconscious mind.


KUMU OBI's ACTIVE MEDITATION™ is simple, fast and effective way of realizing the truth about self, one's own powers and responsibilities, adapted to our contemporary way of life and therefore an exceptional tool that promotes personal development.


Kumu Obi: "This single evening - but especially if done on regular basis - may significantly contribute to your health and overall well-being. To repeat: Health is purity, cleanness, free flow of energy; it is the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Health is holistic and complete: emotional, intellectual, physical, financial, in business ventures and in relationships. Use this event to deal with your issues. Use Active Meditation to heal yourself, to heal and transform your life."



Very best of OSHO Active Meditations.

Powerful shamanic bodywork.

Amazing experience.



They say modern people can't meditate because our minds are constantly working. We simply can't be completely still. Well, what if you breathe and move your body in a way that might relax your mind just so you can transcend to the meditative state? Find out what happens then... This is the way of the shaman.

very best of OSHO

Please follow our facebook page (events) for A.S.E.T.T. evenings schedule



Share Energy, Light & Love!


Weekly meetings of Reiki practitioners


Weekend Workshops

Powerful ways

Life-changing spiritual experiences.



Comprehensive energy-intensive holistic purification of the spirit, mind and body



Detox and reset your whole system,

let go of accumulated stress, hurt and disappointments, get rid of unwanted emotions, heal your 'karma', heal yourself, rejuvenate and energize and return to Joy of Life.

LIFE PURIFICATION™ is a foundation for healthy and joyful conscious living. It may restore your health and open new possibilities in life. It can be used for 'maintenance' as well.

It is also of utmost value for the spiritual development.

As it enhances sensitivity to subtle energies, while delivering extraordinary experiences too, LIFE PURIFICATION™ is prerequisite for most spiritual and energetic workshops; therefore great start for your transformational journey.

Learn original Usui Reiki with Kumu Obi



On this course you will learn how to heal yourself, the ones you love and other human beings, animals, plants,,, and more!

Shen Oku Den Reiki is The Way of The Master





Awaken the ability to heal - to help yourself and your dearest



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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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