Life Purification™

Life Purification

The complete holistic purification of the soul, mind and body


Return to Joy of Living

Weekend workshop designed for all those who wish to experience again the joy of life.


Use to


detox and

reset your whole system: body, mind and soul


let go of accumulated stress


rejuvenate, refresh

and energize both your body and mind


lose weight instantly, boost your diet or start healthier lifestyle


forgive, let go of hurt and disappointments


cleanse yourself from painful memories,

limiting emotions and

sabotaging subcoscious ideas and beliefs

and unconscious mind ('karma')


prepare ground i.e. set powerful inner foundation for



more successful



joyful life


Life Purification™ has a remarkable effect in the healing of malefic conditions, allergies and diseases.

This workshop is a prerequisite for participation in other courses.

To plant a plant in soil, you have to take certain preparations - cleanse the land of weeds, stones and various wastes. Only then you put the seeds in the ground.

The same procedure is in the spiritual life.

First you have to clear all the garbage out of the body, mind and soul, that you have collected a lifetime. Only after that the spiritual seed can grow and develop.


It's the return of the joy of living; people feel and see the joy once again. Because all of us, no matter how young or old, carry the joy in our hearts.



(regular price: 3500kr/day)

This workshop will be held every other month or even more frequently.

Please follow our facebook page (events) for schedule


comprehensive energy-intensive holistic purification of the spirit, mind and body with

detoxifying effect through strict fasting and breathing exercises



10+ hours of powerful energetic treatment

shamanic therapy applied directly by Kumu Obi

initiation into the energetic breathing

introduction to Rebirthing by L. Orr

tibetan and/or yoga exercises to rejuvenate and energize the body

active meditations by Osho

(re)discovering of the universal laws by which life works

...and more


Each workshop also includes and concludes with various ancient and contemporary spiritual, mental and practical techniques which vary depending on group specific requirements and abilities.




Kumu Obi's Active Meditation™ (included)

FRI 19:00-22:00

Life Purification™ on Saturday

SAT 10:00-18:00 (may extend)



Life Purification™ XX (extreme & extended to Sunday)

SUN 10:00-18:00


The number of participants is limited - please use online system, facebook, e-mail or phonecall/SMS to reserve your place in the group.

"It was a great experience! I feel like everything in me is well shaken. I was able to release suppressed emotions and accumulated stress. Now I feel very light and full of energy, completely refreshed!"

J.M. (36)


It is absolutely required that you have accepted the conditions of Nizza Life Membership prior to attending the workshop.

You can download the form (PDF) here:


(also available at our desk in Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center, Geijersgatan 55)


Participants of regular Nizza Yoga classes are entitled to 50% discount.

If you are regular practitioner of Nizza Yoga/ASETT - do not order and pay in webshop, instead ask us to send you a customized invoice.


General instructions:

- wear comfortable clothes

- practice barefoot (wear socks)

- have a blanket and/or warm overall to cover your body when it gets cold

- take off your jewelry, watch and accessories

- turn off you phone and leave it in the locker (provided)

- drink water

- be open-minded and you will benefit the most

- respect other participants

- do not chat with others, be with yourself

- if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs (even medical) DO NOT attend


Some refreshment will be provided, but the idea is not to eat at all during the workshop.

If you have specific health or diet requirements and you are not able to fast, and/or need to take medications during the workshop - DO NOT attend.



If you want or need accomodation, it is possible to arrange a sleepover in Nizza Life HWC Geijersgatan 55 - please talk to us in time.


There is a possibility to retreat. If you intend to sleep over, please contact us (have your sleeping bag and hygiene/cosmetic accessories).




Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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