Reiki I+II

Reiki I+II

Awaken the ability to heal - to help yourself and your dearest:

Become Reiki healer!

Shen Oku Den - The Way of The Master

Shen Oku Den is original spiritual techniques of self-development and awakening of healing abilities. It is a deep spiritual experience and implementation of traditional Japanese healing practice and philosophy - Reiki as taught by its founder Dr, Mikao Usui.

Learn original Usui Reiki with Kumu Obi

Kumu Obi continues very pure and strong original Reiki line. He also brings us his shamanic heritage and decades of experience in energetic work and healing - so his every workshop is very powerful, loaded with energy and amazing experiences. Just one workshop may make a great difference.


On this course you will learn how to heal yourself and other human beings, animals and plants,,, and more!


The effects achieved by the regular application of these techniques:

increased awareness,

balance of energy in the physical and energetic bodies,

increased creativity,

ability to heal health issues, causal levels of disease and/or problems,

increased inner energy level,

stress relief,

helps relieve emotions.


Use this workshop to heal yourself (and others),

use this workshop as a part of education for healer/therapist if you intend to help other people and living beings (and/or practice professionally),

use this workshop even if you already are a Reiki practitioner - it may boost your experience of cosmic energy to new heights!


Reiki workshop consists of theory and practical work

- you will immediately implement what you learn -

and lots of energetic purifying (through breathing and different physical exercises and shamanic procedures)

that will not only solve some of your issues if you have any, but will

prepare you to really feel the flow and fully experience energy you work with, sensitizing you to new way of being.


REIKI I - Sho Den - Basic course / Grundkursen - Heal Yourself

Prerequisites: None.


Intense inner purification

Reiki theory: history,

principles of Reiki,

basic anatomy + chakra system

Experience: opening of heart chakra

Reiki Initiation

Reiki praxis: opening and closing a treatment,

cleansing of aura

Your 1st Reiki self-treatment


REIKI II - Oku Den - Advanced course / Fördjupningskursen - Heal Others

Prerequisites: REIKI I + 10 autotreatments


Awakening of energy flow

Reiki theory: principles of Reiki treatment,


symbols 1+2,

remote treatment + symbol 3,

treating of children, plants and animals, cleansing of (living) space,

cleansing and energizing of objects (jewelry, car, PC...), water & food

Reiki praxis: treatment (exchange),

healing planet Earth



Prerequisites: REIKI II + 5 supervized treatments (full exchanges)


Practitioner's handbook and other printed material is included.




Each workshop has following schedule:


FRI 19:00-22:00

(may include KOAM / Nizza Life Tribe dances)

SAT 10:00-14:00

lunch break


SUN 10:00-14:00


The number of participants is limited - please use online system, facebook, e-mail or phonecall/SMS to reserve your place in the group.



This workshop (both Reiki I and Reiki II, within 2 weeks) will be held in September, in January and in May.

Please follow our facebook page (events) for schedule


It is absolutely required that you have accepted the conditions of Nizza Life Membership prior to attending the workshop.

You can download the form (PDF) here:


(also available at our desk in Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center, Geijersgatan 55)


Participants of regular Nizza Yoga classes are entitled to 50% discount: 1650 kr per course or 3150 kr for both Reiki I+II

If you are regular practitioner of Nizza Yoga/ASETT - do not order and pay in webshop, instead ask us to send you a customized invoice.


General instructions:

- wear comfortable clothes

- practice barefoot (wear socks)

- have a blanket and/or warm overall to cover your body when it gets cold

- take off your jewelry, watch and accessories

- turn off you phone and leave it in the locker (provided)

- drink water

- be open-minded and you will benefit the most

- respect other participants

- do not chat with others, be with yourself

- if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs (even medical) DO NOT attend


Some refreshment will be provided.

Lunch break is 14-15 h, in your arrangement. You may use the kitchen (it has fridge, oven, microwave). Eat light.


If you want or need accomodation, it is possible to arrange a sleepover in Nizza Life HWC Geijersgatan 55 - please talk to us in time.


Weekly meetings of Reiki practitioners

Reiki Exchange

Share Energy, Light & Love!

Reiki is a method of natural healing developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist and catholic theologist Dr. Mikao Usui, which since has been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands on healing as a form of complementary therapy and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy in the form of chi through the palms, which allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Today Reiki is the most widely used tool for healing and energy work. Though it may not heal others, it allows the Reiki practitioner to feel energy move through their bodies and to shift the grids of the person they are working on. It's all part of the awakening process of humanity in the alchemy of time and consciousness. Everybody who enters the pearly (DNA) gates of metaphysics is drawn to some form of energy work at one time or another. Reiki would be in the forefront and remain there.



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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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