Workshops and rituals:


DNA Activation

Soul Retrieval

Spiritual Guide

Power Animal

Grounding and Protections

Lucid Dreaming

Breathing for Elements

Hawai'ian Huna


Shamanic Healing




Training in the way of the shaman

So you want to be a shaman?

You think you have what it takes and you want to learn of the paths of the shaman.

You will have to speak to Kumu Obi and see if he is going to take you for a training...

Workshops and events will be held every month or depending on demand.

Please follow our facebook page (events) for schedule

The number of participants is limited - please use online system, facebook, e-mail or phonecall/SMS to reserve your place in the group.



It is absolutely required that you have accepted the conditions of Nizza Life Membership prior to attending the workshop.

You can download the form (PDF) here:


(also available at our desk in Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center, Geijersgatan 55)



General instructions:

- wear comfortable clothes

- practice barefoot (wear socks)

- have a blanket and/or warm overall to cover your body when it gets cold

- take off your jewelry, watch and accessories

- turn off you phone and leave it in the locker (provided)

- drink water

- be open-minded and you will benefit the most

- respect other participants

- do not chat with others, be with yourself

- if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs (even medical) DO NOT attend


Some refreshment will be provided.

Lunch break is 14-15 h, in your arrangement. You may use the kitchen (it has fridge, oven, microwave). Eat light.


If you want or need accomodation, it is possible to arrange a sleepover in Nizza Life HWC Geijersgatan 55 - please talk to us in time.




Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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