integrated shamanic art

Are you looking for a solution instead of a therapy?


Do you want results?


Do you have problems with your behaviour or your emotions? Or with other people's behaviour?


Do you feel like something is missing...?


Do you live in patterns, repeating same mistake(s) over and over again?


Do you have trouble establishing satisfying and supportive relationship?


Do you have a situation in life you would like to get solved ...and sometimes pray for a help?


Do you require help in making a decision?


Do you feel like stuck (in your life or a situation)?


Do you have questions or doubts regarding future outcomes, for example business oportunity, investment, athletic result or performance?

An experienced mediator can help you find your answers, and sometimes even remove obstacles and change the outcome.


Soulwork deals with your emotions (your body reflects them) and helps you reconnect with yourself (your soul, the I-dentity).

Resolving negative emotions and relationship issues are essential steps for healthy lives. We focus on dissolving emotional blocks and solving relationship problems.


Duration: up to 1 h (may extend until process done)


NOTE: Your initial/first session may take longer, even 2-3 hours, so

please plan your time ahead.

"Soulwork helped me change my perspective. I was tangled in relationships and emotions, making decisions based on fear or intent to please my surroundings. I thought it was normal (right) thing to do and to live like. Only problem was that I never really succeeded in pleasing everybody and in the end I would only feel exhausted and unsatisfied.

Soulwork made me face myself with this simple and very important question, what do I want. And I couldn’t answer it. I realized I never gave it much thought. When I was finally able to form an idea of what it could be that I want it was obvious to me that it had nothing to do with what I was living.

Then the true change began. Soulwork helped me put thing in their places, organize priorities and the most importantly put myself in first place. The whole process gave me an opportunity to live more consciously and start taking control over my life."

S.A. (36)

Can you accept that the change is a moment, not a process?

Or you like to believe change has to be hard and take a long time?


Are you open enough to accept the truth about how things really work (they didn't tell us the whole story)?

Are you open enough to explore the truth about yourself?

Are you open enough to accept the change?


Are you looking for an adjunct or alternative to psychotherapy for personal growth issue?


...maybe Soulwork is right for you

"I had problem with my last test on college and Soulwork helped me realize that the problem was not in my studying. I have older sister that was at that point also stuck on college and I had a feeling of guilt connected to the idea of finishing my studies before she does. With Soulwork I was also able to communicate my feelings and allow myself to pass the test and graduate."

G.C. (29)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

M.M. (48)

Soulwork is available only after consultations and/or as a part of the Systemic Coaching, as advised by Kumu.


If you know, think or feel you could use or need a Soulwork, please contact us.



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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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