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Nizza Yoga™ is based on Yoga in Daily Life® system by Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda, which made it simple to truly incorporate yoga into modern way of life.


Nizza Yoga™ is not only a physical exercise, it is a complete yoga system (breathing, asanas, relaxation, meditation, bandhas and kryjas).


The classes are structured in levels to resemble a yoga school, where students progress and practice at home. With every semester we would start a new level. For example, we start with simple physical exercises where we also learn to breathe, relax and meditate. With time it gets more complex. Progress is determined by every person individually, depending on ability, effort and practice.

For medium and advanced yoga practitioners we offer guided Nizza Yoga Sadhana program.



Nizza Yoga™ provides education, individual and regular group sessions, as well as special courses for advanced techniques and organizes events.


Every week we offer a special clasess, such as Nizza Cardio Yoga, which is suitable for active people to improve their conditioning, flexibility and figure. This is very intense workout (based on khatupranam), so it cannot be done more than once a week.

Another special class once a week is Nizza Yoga Meditation. The members will go through schooling programme to learn how to meditate/retreat.

And we offer Nizza Yoga Nidra, a passive technique that does not require any physical activity. It is a deep relaxation, performed laying on back, with eyes closed, with the purpose to energize the body, mind and soul. It may well revitalize a practicioner and can be done on a daily basis.


Why Nizza Yoga™? Because

we have clean and strong spiritual lineage,

world-wide popular and proven system

that covers practices and techniques... READ MORE


A science that has been practiced for thousands of years



"What is Yoga? Yoga is a science about the body, mind, consciousness and soul. It is a principle, which balances the universe. All the visible and invisible elements are harmonised by a universal force: Yoga. Where there is balance there is also unity. Yoga means unity, more precisely individual and universal consciousnesses. It is also called God, divine consciousness, universal existence. It has been taught, practised and transmitted through million of years. To pray, to trust, to serve, to meditate, to be kind, healthy and positive … Yoga is not a part of any religion, but all religions arise from Yoga. Every religion has these principles: trust, serve, pray, which all originate in Yoga."

(Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda)





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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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