General Instructions

Love yourself. Love All.


Do not eat at least 1 hour prior to sadhana class (3h recommended).


Drink plenty of water over the day. You may bring a bottle of water with you to your class, but in our experience it is very unlikely that you will need to drink during sadhana.


Wear comfortable clothes. Leave your shoes at the entrance and enter the hall barefoot. We exercise barefoot. Socks are fine.


Clean mats are provided. For meditation you can bring your own cushion.


Leave your material belongings in the locker. Enter the hall with as few material things as possible (including jewelry).


Turn your phone off or mute it (vibrations too) even when it is left in lockers.


When in the hall, while practicing or not, do not disturb others. Respect their intimacy. Do not chat.


Be with yourself. Focus on sensations within your own body.


After the class, leave your place tidy and clean.


Respect the Kumu and follow his instructions. If you feel pain or disturbing emotion at any time during practice, please inform Kumu immediately.


You are free to bring some flowers (white lilies preferably, but all we do just fine) or candles to the altar. If you are interested in other contributions (incent sticks, sweets, values etc.) please consult Kumu first.


Do not drink alcohol.


Avoid drugs, pharmaceutical too, if possible.


Do not force yourself in turning to vegetarianism - it may happen spontaneously, or not. Do not force yourself in anything. Accept yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself.


Practice maduri-mudra.


Practice mauna.


Practice Ahimsa.


Be gentle and friendly to your environment.





The central idea of Yoga practice is to live happily


Nizza Yoga™ teaches how to achieve good health, inner peace and harmony by using Yoga, relaxation, conscious breathing, meditation and spiritual development.


These goals are attained by:


The main principle of spiritual life and the highest precept of mankind is:



Non-injury is the supreme principle


This precept embraces the principle of non-violence, in thought, word, feeling and action. Prayer, meditation, Mantra, positive thinking and tolerance, lead to spiritual health.


Humans should be protectors, not destroyers. Those qualities that really make us human are the ability to give, understand and forgive. To protect life and respect the individuality and independence of all forms of life is a primary practice of the Yoga teachings. By following this precept greater tolerance, understanding, mutual love, help and compassion develops - not only between individuals, but between all humans, nations, races, and religious faiths.



Love and help for all living beings

Respect for life, protection of nature and the environment

A peaceful state of mind

Pure thoughts and positive lifestyle

Physical, mental and spiritual practices

Respect for all nations, cultures and religions




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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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