Nizza Yoga In Daily Life™

Nizza Yoga

In Daily Life

World-wide popular authentic Yoga system

(relaxation, postures, breathing, meditation),

designed to meet the needs of our modern times.

No matter what goal you are striving for with Yoga (preservation of health, inner peace and balance, an increased ability to concentrate, meditation or spiritual realisation) it is best to begin with the physical exercises and breath exercises. These form the basis for any further Yoga studies.


Level 1 - Beginners

The exercise programme lasts for three months.

2 classes weekly (totals approx. 24 classes in 3 months)

The group will progress to next Level while maintaining the same schedule.

New Level 1 opens every 3 months.


2+ classes in a week

choose your group (days/time combination)

for your regular practice

according to your schedule

if you miss your class for any reason, you may attend other group, please keep us informed (sms/fb message)

The scientific master system Yoga in Daily Life is authored by Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, who is a living descendant of a long line of respected yogis. While completely true to the authentic tradition of classic Yoga, it is designed to meet the needs of our modern times. It is a holistic system of health, encompassing the science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. The design of this System offers gradual and steady development, regardless of the practitioner's age or physical condition. It is open to everyone. Regular and dedicated practice of Yoga in Daily Life will reap many benefits.


All techniques have clear, guided, step-by-step instructions of the exercises with special instruction for specific health conditions.



Kumu Obi




Nizza Yoga In Daily Life™

Afternoon Group MW1

MON and WED 18:30-20:00

Evening Group MW2

MON and WED 20:00-21:30

Morning Group TT1

TUE and THU 10:00-11:30

Afternoon Group TT2

TUE and THU 17:30-19:00

Evening Group TT3

TUE and THU 19:00-20:30


We work in small closed groups - please use online system, e-mail or phonecall to reserve your place in the group.


Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center is exclusive club for your personal spiritual development and practices. We offer dedicated sacred place and intimate environment working out in small closed groups. We also bring a couple of decades of experience in spiritual technologies and energy work plus strong spiritual lineage and knowledge.



Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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