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Season 2017

Chakras and Kundalini

The Hidden Power in Humans


February 23

Nadi System and Pranayama

March 23

Muladhara Chakra - Root Centre

April 20

Svadhishthana Chakra - Lower Abdominal Centre

May 25

Manipura Chakra - Navel Centre

June 22

Anahata Chakra - Heart Centre

July 20

Vishuddhi Chakra - Throat Centre

September 21

Agya Chakra - Eyebrow Centre

October 26

Bindu Chakra - Moon Centre

November 23

Sahasrara Chakra - Crown Centre

December 21

Kundalini - Serpent Power


Note: dates may vary



Lectures are free for Nizza Life members. (may vary)

Bring your seat cushion for more comfort (we are sitting on the floor) and bottled water.

No food allowed.

Recording and photographing is not allowed.




Nizza Yoga Lectures

THU 19:00-21:00

(date as scheduled in our facebook events)


Please use online system, e-mail or phonecall to reserve your place.


Chakras are those energy centres through which the Cosmic energy flows into the human body. The practise of Nizza Yoga in Daily Life™ can awaken these centres, which are manifest in each and every person.


The path of the Kundalinī proceeds from the Mūlādhāra Chakra at the lower end of the spinal column up to the Sahasrāra Chakra at the top of the head. But its awakening is not a physical occurrence; it consists exclusively of a development in consciousness. This becomes more noticeable as our perceptions of cosmic vibrations and radiant energy (Tattvas) become more sensitive, and our understanding of the connections and laws within the Universe deepens.


We need to gain experience in order to acquire knowledge. Each experience, whether good or bad, increases our understanding. Clarity arises through knowledge. With the awakening of the Kundalinī our consciousness expands and we become aware of the truth. Its awakening brings with it pure joy, pure knowledge and pure love. An enlightened one, a person whose Kundalinī has awakened, radiates such an all-embracing love, purity, power and goodness that everybody feels drawn to such a person.


...learn more on Prana, Chakras and Kundalini first-hand in our unique lectures with Kumu Obi



Kumu Obi

Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center is exclusive club for your personal spiritual development and practices. We offer dedicated sacred place and intimate environment working out in small closed groups. We also bring a couple of decades of experience in spiritual technologies and energy work plus strong spiritual lineage and knowledge.




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