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Nizza Yoga Meditation


The technique of Meditation helps us to attain Self-Knowledge through self-control and self-development. Its goal is to experience and realise the Divine Self (Atma) within us. Such a supreme goal cannot be achieved overnight, but requires self-discipline, consistent practice and guidance from a Master.


Benefits everybody, but not everyone is able to meditate.

Some experience and/or preparation is required in order to partcipate in a group session. Speak to Kumu if you are interested in meditation.


"Meditation is your only true freedom."



Nizza Yoga Meditation

THU 20:00-21:00


We work in small closed groups - please use online system, e-mail or phonecall to reserve your place in the group.


In the practice of meditation we gain spiritual knowledge (Para Vidya), which is eternal and unchanging, greatly differing from intellectual knowledge (Apara Vidya).

Spiritual knowledge cannot be taught, it can only be gained by one’s own experience. It unfolds within the heart through realisation, when one follows the Cosmic Laws, the practice of Mantra, meditation and receives the blessing of the Master.


To acquire knowledge of the Atma, it is first necessary to explore and illuminate all levels of consciousness. This includes the conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind. The content of these levels of consciousness must be fully exposed and purified. This can only occur when we do so with full awareness - through meditation. Then the door to Supreme consciousness will open to reveal the Divine Atma.


We believe we know ourselves quite well, but when we take a deeper look within we may discover a good many things that we do not know.

Perhaps we’re surprised at the existence of some beautiful, positive qualities such as compassion, understanding, love, humility, patience, discipline, sincerity, determination, contentment, joy and deep, inner bliss. As we become more and more aware of these qualities, we find in them a great help for our Self, our spiritual development and relationships with fellow beings.

However, in many cases the negative aspects also surprise us. These hinder our spiritual development and cause disharmony in our Self and in our surroundings. Examine yourself honestly. Are you anxious, greedy, ambitious, envious, jealous, intolerant, unforgiving, violent tempered, vain, besieged with complexes? Often we’re not at all aware of such characteristics and are of the opinion that we have already overcome them. But sometimes they surface again. These rest in the subconscious as seeds waiting for favourable conditions to sprout.


In Meditation we learn to understand ourselves and others. We learn to forgive ourselves and others. We purify our subconscious and gradually lose our inner inhibitions and complexes. Our thinking becomes well ordered and clear and due to this we are able to overcome and avoid many difficulties in life. In the end we recognise our true essence and our goal in life and bring our inner Self to unfold.


Examine your own life. Do you only seek material pleasure, or do you strive for Realisation and spiritual knowledge? Eating, drinking, sleeping and procreating fill the life of each animal. If we only strive for the same, and nothing higher, we waste our human potential. But those who are conscious of the opportunity of human existence, take the time for spiritual practice - to meditate and pray, irrespective of their religious faith. God is everywhere. God is the Omnipresent, conscious energy, which permeates all creation and all living beings.


Kumu Obi

Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center is exclusive club for your personal spiritual development and practices. We offer dedicated sacred place and intimate environment working out in small closed groups. We also bring a couple of decades of experience in spiritual technologies and energy work plus strong spiritual lineage and knowledge.



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