Nizza Yoga™ Private Class

Nizza Yoga

Private Class

Exclusive experience.

Yoga is a powerful and comprehensive system that was designed to affect your development on multiple levels – physical, energetic, mental-emotional and spiritual.

In a private session the teacher is a partner, whose sole purpose is to support your unique process of personal transformation..

Personal Instructor

individual classes, max. 3 persons

60/90/120 min

Suitable for all levels and any physical condition.

Company Yoga / Team Building

For sessions on regular basis or as a special event - please contact us for more info.


Kumu Obi


Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center is exclusive club for your personal spiritual development and practices. We offer dedicated sacred place and intimate environment working out in small closed groups. We also bring a couple of decades of experience in spiritual technologies and energy work plus strong spiritual lineage and knowledge.



Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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