Nizza Yoga Trataka™

Nizza Yoga Trataka

Concentration on a Candle Flame.

Yoga Trataka purifies the eyes, strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision and memory. Helps with sleeping difficulties and bedwetting. Strengthens the ability to concentrate and is therefore recommended for school children. Develops intuition, the ability to visualise and willpower.


Some yoga experience and/or preparation is required. Speak to Kumu if interested in Trataka.


Caution: This technique is not suitable for people with psychic problems. Those who have a tendency towards Schizophrenia or hallucinations should not practice Trataka.



Nizza Yoga Trataka

TUE 19:30-20:15


We work in small closed groups - please use online system, e-mail or phonecall to reserve your place in the group.


We can enhance our power of concentration and strengthen our memory by an ancient meditation technique called Trataka. Its benefits bring an end to the mind’s distractions, enhances our ability to concentrate, increases the power of memory and brings the mind into a state of supreme awareness, attention and focus.

Trataka is an ideal meditation technique. With continuous practice, you will witness an increase in your alertness, confidence level, stability in thoughts, and an ability to control situations that were previously difficult. You may also notice an improvement in your eyesight. Trataka is very helpful in improving mental clarity and capacity. People of all ages will benefit, especially students who need to concentrate on their studies.


Hindu scriptures say that the practice of Trataka develops the faculties of greater intuition and that the past, present and future all begin to appear with equal clarity.



Kumu Obi

Nizza Life Holistic Wellness Center is exclusive club for your personal spiritual development and practices. We offer dedicated sacred place and intimate environment working out in small closed groups. We also bring a couple of decades of experience in spiritual technologies and energy work plus strong spiritual lineage and knowledge.



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