Why Nizza Yoga™

We have clean and strong spiritual lineage,

world-wide popular and proven system

that covers practices and techniques of original traditional yoga for everyday use,

adapted to modern daily life of every woman or man,

regardless of physical ability and knowledge,

trained instructors with over a decade of experience in yoga

and global supportive network.


We cultivate dedicated sacred place and intimate environment

within small closed groups.


Kumu Obi on Nizza Yoga™:


"Yoga is completely misunderstood in our society. In most western yoga ‘schools’, or should I say: clubs, it is practiced in a wrong way, superficial, physical, that generally excludes less flexible or less physically fit people, who could actually benefit the most if engaged in yoga.

Plus there is an ignorant perception of yoga as a religion, or even cult. Yoga is not a religion, Hinduism is. Yoga is science about All, all life and existence, including ours. Yoga means Unity, one with all there is.

Yoga is harmony of body, mind and soul, and is far more than just physical workout. Actually, physical workout through postures (asanas) is just a small part of Yoga practice, even in sense of time.

Nizza Yoga™ utilizes conscious relaxation, breathing and meditation to change one’s state of body, mind and soul. We, of course, use asanas too, in order to catalyze the process, to stretch and build stronger and more functional muscles, to explore and resolve our individual limitations, to connect body, mind and soul and improve general condition of one individual as a whole, to enjoy our being.

So, if you simply want to show off, I’d say go do some acrobatic dancing or circus gymnastics.

But if you want to learn and live Yoga, change your being and way of existence, improve your health and expand your options and possibilities, then integrate Yoga teachings and practices into your daily routine, life. If you want to truly know your inner self, relax and enjoy Nizza Yoga™.

Yes, for physical fitness we too do more powerful and demanding cardio workouts, if you are interested in that aspect, but also many advanced techniques. So even if you have learned and you can do all the asanas – there’s still more to do with it. Flexibility alone, or good looks, is not the end of the way – you can go beyond, far beyond, Yoga is endless."


No acrobatics. No circus.

Enjoy your body.

Expand your mind.

Nourish your soul.



Geijersgatan 55

Limhamn / Malmö

0739 45 88 80

Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

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