"Health is far more than just not feeling pain ...and being functional enough to work and to go shopping.

Health is the state of your very being, your soul.

You cannot disregard spiritual work on yourself if you want to be healthy.

If you want to restore your health - you

need to have a holistic approach.


Consuming pain-killers, medications and other types of drugs (including alcohol) will make you feel no pain, but will not make you healthy. With all respect to some well-intended individuals in the health care industry, modern medicine based on chemistry, no matter how powerful it is, will not give you back your health. It will not deal with the causes of your issues; those are on emotional/spiritual level of your manifestation. It will solely make you feel no pain and make you be able to function in the system of producing and spending goods. It will make you not feel. But think of this:

How do you expect to experience happiness, joy, ecstasy, pleasure, satisfaction... your body, your true potential, love, life... if you don't feel?


What do you want? Why do you experience this human life of yours? Why are you here?


Do not deal with the effects, rather seek for the causes instead and deal with them. Get connected with your own spirit, body and mind, restore your soul.

Allow yourself to evolve spiritually, accept the fact that you don't know everything and you haven't been told everything - life is more than it seems to be - start to learn new ways of being.

Nizza Yoga In Daily Life™ system is a good start.

Systemic Life Coaching will help you in dealing with your issues (health/relationship)."

(Kumu Obi)



Happiness is state of your inner. It has to do with your very soul; it reflects the state of your own soul.

It is not rational, not intellectual, but healthy intellect will contribute to your soul experiencing happiness.

It is not physical, it does not depend on the aesthetics or even the functionality of your body, but again healthy and functional body may contribute to your soul experiencing happiness.


Happiness is in no way conditioned by the outer circumstances.

We know so many people, who live in poor material and social conditions, yet they are smiling, they remain kind and even grateful, they are singing, they are humane, willing to help and share, and if you ask them - they may say they have no luck, but they are happy human beings.

Some of us have suffered devastating experiences and loses, but still chose to be happy, to live happily, to feel and share happiness.

Happiness is a choice.


Happiness is permanent. It is not temporarily or one-time thing. You may have some pleasant emotions when you, for example, get brand new smartphone as a present... or you get brand new lover/admirer... but those emotions will fade away; will fade rapidly if circumstances change - even very enjoyable emotion is still not happiness.


Happiness is being present in this very moment, now, here, in your own heart, in your own body.

If you cling to your past - regardless if it was traumatic or nice - you cannot feel happiness. Having memories is one thing, but being emotionally attached to your past is something completely different. Planning and visualising your future is one thing, but to live in fear or worry about your future is again something else.



Kumu Obi:

"I like to consider happiness as a philosophical and spiritual attitude: you chose to be happy, now and here, and every now and here, no matter what. You chose to nourish happiness inside you as a manifestation of love toward yourself and divine within you. You radiate happiness to your surroundings as a manifestation of love inside you; it is a beautiful and ultimately non-violent way of being.


People come to me saying that they want to be happy - but actually they are saying that they want their selfish needs or urges fulfilled and their childish wishes come true, that they want to continue playing same games in life that made them miserable.


In order to be happy, you may need to transform yourself, to evolve, to mature, and to change your topics and priorities.


If you are not happy right now, per se, you definitely need to restore your soul. You cannot be happy if your soul is not complete and integrated in your own body.

Happiness is original state of your soul."

In Nizza Life we offer routines, tools and paths that may lead you to your health and happiness.

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